Restaurant Lighting Tips by a Northern Virginia Interior Designer

Elegance Décor creates unique restaurant lighting designs that will have guests craving their next visit.

Inside a stylish local restaurant in Northern Virginia, Don sits at a candlelit table waiting for his date to arrive. Don has chosen this particular restaurant not only because of the exquisite food, but also because of the romantic mood it gives off. While patiently waiting for his date, Don admires the oil paintings hung on the restaurant walls. What he likes about the paintings are how they gleam due to the wall lights, providing a sophisticated accent to the room.

Don continues to glance around the restaurant while self-congratulating himself for choosing this establishment. His eyes wander, peeking at other couples enjoying their meal, until they are stopped by a familiar face. Don can’t help but smile, admiring his radiant wife, Elizabeth, as she stands in the waiting area. Instantly, they smile at one another. Elizabeth’s dress matches the elegance of the chandelier above her, and Don eagerly gets up to escort her to the table.

They both enjoy a romantic evening, together.

3 Restaurant Lighting Tips That Create Memorable Moments:

All restaurant owners want guests to have a memorable experience at their restaurant. Yes, food may be the reason guests come in, but it is the atmosphere that motivates them stay. Thus, improving the business of the restaurant. Lighting is an important factor in: 1) creating the restaurant’s mood and 2) Increasing sales for the restaurant.

In the story there were 3 main restaurant lighting fixtures that made the night for Don and Elizabeth memorable.

Restaurant Lighting #1: Table Lighting

The candlelit table is a favorite for many restaurants because it produces a more intimate setting, even when the restaurant is bustling.

Restaurant Lighting #2: Wall Lighting

Wall lighting enhances any restaurant’s atmosphere. Consider hanging wall lights when constructing a theme for your restaurant.

Restaurant Lighting #3: Chandelier

Lighting can help set up the space. In the story, the chandelier was located in the waiting area of the restaurant. Chandeliers are perfect when adding splendor to your restaurant. The purpose of the chandelier was to give off lighting that welcomes people into the restaurant. Lighting in waiting rooms should be a little brighter than the intimate lighting on tables.

Northern Virginia is home to many restaurants. Each successful restaurant in the region has its own lighting design. Shine above the rest and create your distinct restaurant lighting design. Call (703) 395-6795 to consult with one of our experienced interior designers.