NeoCon 2017 Highlights

As NeoCon is underway we get a glimpse of some hot items on the floor.

NeoCon, held in Chicago, was the host of 50,000 design professionals who are constantly changing the commercial and business design trends. Elegant Décor is excited to see what other professionals are creating.

Alt Piazza by Okamura is just one example of how designers pushed the limits of furniture design. This trade show is something we creative masterminds look forward to every year. From watercolor wall art to lime green versatile chairs, there are many different style exhibits to keep in mind. Even your office chairs are beginning to take different shapes and sizes; flat-hedged work chairs are the new fad. Get ready to be sitting pretty!

neocon chair

One of the unique aspects of NeoCon is that the designers pull concepts from all around the world. It is important for a Northern Virginia interior designer to be able to gather cultural aspects from designers abroad. This is the place to do so, without having to leave our own office.

There were four major trends this year:

  1. Biophilic Design

A focus on nature and natural materiel, such as wood.

Neocon biophillic

  1. Adaptic Furnishings

The re-configurable and highly adjustable furniture.


  1. Acoustic Comfort

Designs that help sound be less distracting.


  1. New Technology

VR and AR play a roll in the design of our up and coming furniture.


In a fast paced area, such as Northern VA, stay up to date with all of the latest designers including yours truly, Elegant Décor.